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It was Mother’s Day

It was a lovely day for me yesterday. Busy. But one that made me grateful for my son and his father.

They spent Friday afternoon after school walking the shops looking for the perfect present for me. Our son gave it to me as soon as he woke. The sun was rising outside and staining the trees a deep orange.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” he says as he places a white paper bag in front of me. Half asleep, I looked inside to find some fancy, expensive green tea and a card.

Written in his scrawl, our boy said:

Hello mother.

Have a good mother’s day. And yes mum you are the coolest mum forever and ever. I love you for being my mum and also having me in your belly for 9 months.

Love T.

His father soon wakes, plonks a kiss on my forehead and walks to the kitchen.

“Shall we make mum some pancakes like we planned?” he asks our boy, who jumps up and heads to the kitchen too.

“Yep. Do you have the strawberries and ice cream?”

“Yep. And Maple syrup too.”

It was one of the nicest starts to Mother’s Day I’ve ever had. And I was grateful. The breakfast and present were nice, but there was something beautiful about my husband and son teaming up to make me happy. It became their day as well as mine. It was nice to watch.

To think there was a time when all this almost didn’t happen. Enduring the long years of waiting for our child to arrive, with all its ups and downs. Longing for a brother or sister for him, but coming to terms with the fact that it was now going to be extremely unlikely.

I understand yesterday could have been a hard day for many women. And my thoughts were with them as I went about my day.

As for my own mother, who loves me and my brother so passionately, I could not call her to wish her happy Mother’s Day because she is happily roaming Europe with her friends at the moment. She had sacrificed so much for us. Delaying what she wanted to pursue until we were grown. Now it is wonderful to see her living and enjoying her life with my father.

For all you mothers out there, I hope you had a beautiful day yesterday basking in the love of your family. It is a special honour to have families to love and serve.

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