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I spotted this sign one Easter many years ago. It was stuck on a pole, between people waiting for the ferry at Circular Quay.

I loved it when I saw it.

Now, I think it could seem a little creepy to people who know nothing about Jesus.

It’s going to be Good Friday soon. A time when I am reminded that Jesus has taken my sins to the cross; that my life is no longer my own to squander but is something that has been redeemed at a high cost.

It was during lunch time Mass at a school run by nuns that I heard the lengths Jesus went to in order to call me to Him.

I couldn’t find my friends that day. It was a warm day. I was bored and wanted a cool place to relax.

I didn’t get to relax.

Instead I heard in graphic detail about how the Son of God was abused, whipped and nailed to the cross for my sake. At the end the priest asked if I would pick up my cross and follow Jesus.

You’d think all the blood, gore and suffering would have sent me running and screaming in the other direction.

But I was moved that someone, let alone God, would go to such lengths for me.

I remember saying yes, I will take up that cross and follow Jesus. I felt like I was zapped by a thousand thunderbolts when I prayed to Him for the first time. I was about 9 years old.

Then, as I grew up, I slowly began to walk away. By my mid-twenties I was calling myself a postmodern Buddhist trapped in a Catholic body. The God that called me to Him was far away, or so I thought.

But He never let go of me.

Through people He placed in my life, I came to understand the nature of my flaws and how they were amazingly forgiven through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. I know now that I will never be able to follow all the rules, but He sees me in all my selfishness, and He loves me anyway.

To quote My Jesus Jam:

He’s an “I don’t care how far you’ve run, just come home” kinda God.

It has been such a personal journey. One that continues to stretch and encourage me. This gift of faith He has given has been a source of strength and comfort in some tough times.

So if I may, I would love to wish you all wonderful, miraculous and joyous Easter.

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