It never snows here. It just gets dark earlier. Some winters are rainy. Other winters are mild and dry. I am looking forward to the colder days. I loved the crisp winter air and big warm coats when I was growing up in Hobart. But it doesn't get as cold here in Sydney. Via the... Continue Reading →

Getting political

On 7 September 2015, thousands of people gathered in Hyde Park for a common purpose.  The war in Syria was at its height. Five days before, the world saw an image of a little boy washed up on the shore on our social media feeds and television screens. He had drowned at sea fleeing the... Continue Reading →


I spotted this sign one Easter many years ago. It was stuck on a pole, between people waiting for the ferry at Circular Quay. I loved it when I saw it. Now, I think it could seem a little creepy to people who know nothing about Jesus. It's going to be Good Friday soon. A... Continue Reading →

Taking a little break…

Hello everyone. I usually post a reflection or a story on Mondays. But not today. I am going to get very busy over the next few months. I've been offered and have accepted a fellowship with a national peak body for people who have fled conflict and who are seeking protection in Australia. With my... Continue Reading →

The first time I saw me…?

When was the first time you saw yourself relfected in pop culture? That was the gist of the question asked by Beverly Wang, host of podcast It's Not A Race, to her guests and many listeners. I didn't have to think too hard. I know the first time I saw me reflected in pop culture.... Continue Reading →

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