It’s been a day since we heard the terrible news from New Zealand. And now tonight I hear children are among the dead.

I am appalled at what a senator from Queensland said in the wake of such tragedy. And utterly ashamed that he used scripture to justify his comments.

Most of all I am so very sorry for the pain his awful, disgusting, words have caused people.

He, and his twisted world view, does not belong in the Australian parliament.

My heart goes out to people in Christchurch, and the Muslim community who have been vilified for so long.

One of the first people killed was 71-year-old Afghan refugee, Daoud Nabi.

They say he was a man who helped everyone.

His last words to the terrorist were “Hello brother.”


  1. Now that the identities of the victims are becoming known, the sadness magnifies as we learn about them. I hope you cantinue to remember the beautiful souls we have lost and consign the terrorists (and your senator sadly) to the trash can of history.

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      1. Thank you so much Aggie. I really hope that this evil will help to remind us of the New Zealand we believe in, but have lost a bit in recent years — a place of tolerance and welcome.

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