This is an old photo. It was taken a few days before our son was due to be born. We washed his clothes and swaddling for the first time and waited for him to arrive. The Daily Post Photo Challenge #43: Waiting

Mr Chiune Sugihara and his family

If you have time today, may I urge you to read this New York Times opinion piece?  It's by author and Rabbi of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles David Wolpe. He writes of the moral courage of one man during a time when it was needed. I will sketch his story briefly below, but the full... Continue Reading →

It is election day in NSW

Done. Voted. I couldn't find the perfect political party to vote for, so I felt a little compromised today. Praying for those who will be elected. May they govern well. The purple flowers were found on my way to vote. They looked pretty. Cheerful. For Debbie's Six Word Saturday.


Stubborn. Annoying. Funny. Wonderful. They are my heart. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #42: Family

Goodbye George

I met George last year. He was an elderly man, ageing happily in a nursing home with his wife, Barbara. He served in World War II. He saw terrible battles and survived them. He loved his wife dearly. I could see his face change as he talked about her. He looked like he was lit... Continue Reading →

Hello Brother

It's been a day since we heard the terrible news from New Zealand. And now tonight I hear children are among the dead. I am appalled at what a senator from Queensland said in the wake of such tragedy. And utterly ashamed that he used scripture to justify his comments. Most of all I am... Continue Reading →

We often go to the gallery

I took him to the 19th Sydney Biennale. He was seven years old. Me: There's a wall full of nudes here sweetheart. They're beautiful but I'm not sure how you'd... Son: It's ok mum. I know not to laugh. I take our boy to the Art Gallery of NSW often. He used to love spending... Continue Reading →

My first MeetUp

So I'm here. I am at my first MeetUp. I spent the morning looking at the sunrise with friends. Ducked home to collect my computer and drove to Redfern where a group of writers were going to get together and work on their projects. Redfern is an inner suburb of Sydney. It used to be... Continue Reading →


We were driving to the top of Mt Wellington/Kunanyi. It was so cloudy we thought we would see nothing. As we headed higher, we rose above the clouds to bright sunshine and blue skies. We didn't get to see the city below that day. The mountain treated us to a sea of white clouds instead.... Continue Reading →

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