Goodbye 2018

Dear 2018, You were supposed to move slower. You weren't supposed to zoom past like 2017. We were supposed to savour each moment and waltz through the days, taking our time as we lived our lives. What happened, 2018? I was at a beach watching the first sunrise of the new year -- your year.... Continue Reading →


A jagged path on top of Mt Wellington/Kunanyi that helps you see the view of Hobart and beyond. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #30: Path

Be the Good

Be the change you want to see in this world. It's a famous quote Gandhi never said. Its message of hope has been plastered on Instagram posts, greeting cards, t-shirts and posters. The phrase has kicked around the globe and done the social media rounds for a while. A made-up quote incorrectly attributed to a Hindu... Continue Reading →


Found at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum 😁 Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #29: Up

It’s looking a bit like Christmas

We bought a small tree and put it up in our living room. It now smells of pine. "T. can you please help me with the tinsel?" "Sure mum," he says as he gets up from playing computer games. I am enjoying the pink, gold and white theme this year. For Debbie's Six Word Saturday!

The great escape

"If you could go on a trip to anywhere in the world where would that be?" I ask my son. It was a sunny afternoon. I was sitting at the table drinking coffee and dreaming of the great time we had in Vanuatu when he was six years old. We saw bright tropical fish as... Continue Reading →

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