Teaching my family how to play

I failed dismally. I am new to the game and I must have made a few mistakes when I was teaching them. After a few turns I had open rebellion on my hands. My husband declared himself the winner and refused to play. It is my contribution to Debbie's Six Word Saturday.


Sometimes it is lovely to look up at that blue Australian sky. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #21: Sky


Head an hour out of Hobart to Mt Field National Park, and you will be able to access Russell Falls. It is one of the prettiest and probably the most photographed waterfall in Tasmania. It's an easy 20-minute walk to the falls. There are boardwalks and good tracks most of the way that takes you... Continue Reading →


It is a 12-year-old teddy bear we retired to the shelf some time ago. The material was getting too thin and fragile. For a time, teddy accompanied our son everywhere. They had great times in the park; snuggled on cold nights looking through picture books; ran down hills and spent long days at daycare. When... Continue Reading →

Not A Single Origin: The box of chocolates that represents multicultural Sydney

Sometime this year a boutique confectioner, Bakedown Cakery, and data visualisation specialists Small Multiples put their heads together to tell the story of multicultural Sydney in a box of chocolates. Using 2016 Census data as inspiration, they explored the relationship between ethnicity, population and taste in an Australian-first collaboration project. It sounded fascinating. And delicious.... Continue Reading →

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