The numbers were found at a caravan park in Umina -- a seaside suburb in New South Wales. My lovely in-laws chase the sun and warm weather. When winter arrives, they hook up the caravan to their car and leave for sunshine and blue skies up the coast. They have done so for a number... Continue Reading →

The lunch

I was recovering from a cold earlier this month. I had gone into work but discovered my body wasn't ready to get back to it. Wilting fast, I drove to the doctors and ducked into a Malaysian place for lunch. I ordered and tried not to hack up a lung as I waited for the... Continue Reading →

Those Jelly Drops

This story comes from the UK. By now it's probably done the rounds. But I wanted to collect this one. Lewis Hornby just made life a whole lot easier for seniors living with dementia by taking the time to understand them. The London based student wanted to help his own grandmother who was living with the... Continue Reading →


Well, it was tiny when we saw it. Then I zoomed in and took the picture on my phone. Now it looks huge. My apologies to anyone who hates spiders. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #15: Tiny

Tooting my own horn

I haven't watched Nanette. I want to watch Nanette. I should watch Nanette. From the trailers, it seems like a soul-searing look at one woman's story. Someone who is, in her own words, "gender not-normal". "I don’t identify as transgender. But I’m clearly gender not-normal. I don’t think even lesbian is the right identity for... Continue Reading →

A sunny day above the clouds

There is a mountain in Hobart. I've always known it as Mt Wellington. But it reclaimed its aboriginal name not too long ago -- Kunanyi. On a clear day, you can see the Derwent river stretch before you and flow out to sea. Not that day though. We had gone up but the clouds covered... Continue Reading →


Strong and vibrant. Red is one of my favourite colours. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #14: Red

Taking care

Funny thing about a cold. It seems to change in severity depending on who gets it in our household. When my husband gets a cold, he often claims he is at death's door. "I'm dying," he splutters through a mountain of used tissues. "We're all dying," my son jokes. "Well, I'm dying faster," his father... Continue Reading →

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