Pushing a boat out to sea

This is one of my favourite early morning walk captures. It's a surf boat being pushed out to sea by surf lifesavers honing their skills. Australian beaches can be dangerous for novice swimmers and for those who don't follow a few simple rules, like swimming between the flags. The surf can be rough at times... Continue Reading →


Called 1,000 Cranes, this installation is by artists Ambient & Co. It was inspired by a Japanese legend that states 1,000 paper cranes in the home will bring happiness and eternal good luck. The cranes light up as visitors move through the space. As the crowd grows, the number of lit cranes also grow until... Continue Reading →

He did not always devour books

Him: My friends and I have just started reading Lord of the Rings. Me: Really? You don't find it too hard? H: Nah. It has old words like thus and nay and stuff. But that's ok. M: what do you like about it? H: It looks really cool in my imagination. He had difficulties with... Continue Reading →


In the last month of spring you will see jacaranda trees bursting with lilac flowers along Sydney streets. My husband calls them a weed because they're not native to the country. But I don't care. I think they're beautiful. The trees mean a lot to me. Especially because they came here from other parts of... Continue Reading →

How to live seven minutes longer

Jane McGonigal is a games designer and creator of SuperBetter. She shares some insights about living life when all hope seems gone. In her TED talk she also promises to increase our lives by seven minutes by the end of it. Seven bonus minutes that we didn't think we'd have. It is an intriguing idea.... Continue Reading →

Caught a young couple appreciating the sunrise. It was on one of my early morning walks with friends. "It's not too shabby this morning," my friend turned to me and smiled. Yes. Sometimes, it's even glorious. Wishing you all a beautiful day. For Debbie's Six Word Saturday.

Sydney has been home for more than 15 years. She may not be the most relaxing city. But goodness, she can be pretty. Even with giant neon lights shooting through the night sky. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #5: Home

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