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Happy 1st Birthday Nomad!

A year and five days ago, I published my first post on this blog! I cannot believe I have been posting weekly for more than a year. And that many of you stuck around to read it! I just wanted to say thank you for your “likes”, encouragement and thoughtful comments along the way.

I started Nomad with a sense of urgency. My husband had an interview with an international company and there was a very real possibility of leaving our home. I felt that time was running out and I needed to write all my experiences and memories down before I was forced to make new ones in another country.

I had spent my early childhood moving from place to place, country to country. Hence one of the reasons for the blog name. I longed to settle and belong somewhere. The last thing I wanted was to start that transient life again.

I thought I had finally settled in a country I’ve grown to love.

The place is not perfect. But there are good people here. Kind people I’ve come to admire. I’ve fallen in love with her blue skies and bright sunshine; her “she’ll be right mate”, “no worries” and “fair go”. The place has taught me to care for the underdog and be wary of those who seek to win at all costs.

You should see these people at their best. They are hard not to love.

The blog was created as a way to capture this place and its people; to somehow take my home with me as our family travelled the world.

However, more than a year from the night of my husband’s interview, we are still in Australia. I feel for my husband, but I am quietly relieved.

Nomad also stayed. Oh the irony.

Blogging has become more than just another hobby. I started collecting stories of people I read about in the papers or through my work. I am always thrilled when they are kind enough to say yes to an interview.

I would love to collect more stories of ordinary people, from all cultural backgrounds, making a positive difference in their communities — contributing in their own way to make this world a little better. Their stories encourage me to care a little more. I hope they will encourage others too.

I also thought writing and posting my thoughts on a blog would be a solitary experience. I didn’t quite understand the WordPress editors when they said blogging was also about community.

I knew I would be pushing my ideas and stories out there, but I didn’t realise when I started Nomad I would soon be connected to other bloggers around the world, expressing their own ideas and feelings. Reading their work opened my eyes to their world and points of view. It’s been, and continues to be an interesting, and often encouraging, experience to get a peek into their lives and interests.

Reading some blogs feels like catching up with old friends. I may not dip into their posts all the time, but it’s been oddly comforting to see bloggers I follow come up on my feed, publishing their ideas and images for the world to see. It’s been lovely getting to know some of them, either through their comments or their blog posts.

Now it seems the very mechanism that was used to create that sense of community will soon close. The Daily Post will no longer publish new challenges, posts or community pools from the end of the month. And I will miss it.

So where to from here? I wrote earlier that I would like to keep collecting stories of people who are trying one way or another to make this world a slightly better place. I would also like to keep writing about experiences of settlement; of making a place a home.

But most importantly, I think I’m going to write. I was encouraged to keep writing last year by friends and family. Not to worry if it is good, bad or dead boring, but to just keep writing. It seems that we get better at stringing words to sentences to phrases, the more we practise it. There are days when I think this is great. And days when I wonder what rubbish I’m inflicting on people.

Anyway, just wanted to mark this milestone and say thank you for reading the blogHere’s to collecting and preserving new experiences, new memories and coming across some good people along the way.

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