Thank you

Hello WordPress editors. Just wanted to thank you for all your efforts behind the scenes in building this supportive blogging community. I did not know what to expect when I started blogging. But the Daily Post helped me post weekly for more than a year and connected me to hundreds of other bloggers around the... Continue Reading →

Happy 1st Birthday Nomad!

A year and five days ago, I published my first post on this blog! I cannot believe I have been posting weekly for more than a year. And that many of you stuck around to read it! I just wanted to say thank you for your "likes", encouragement and thoughtful comments along the way. I... Continue Reading →

The image was taken in Washington DC a few years ago. It's for Six Word Saturday


Found one day on a walk around the neighborhood. The twisted petals looked like whipped cream. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge: Twisted

Blue skies and fields of gold

It was a beautiful day in the sunshine. We were driving past a rural area of Tasmania. Came across fields that seem to glow yellow beneath that blue Tassie sky. For Debbie's Six Word Saturday.


Taken during one long train ride some time ago. I was heading back to pick up my son from school when the heavens opened up. Thankful I was in a warm, dry train carriage for a while. via The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Liquid

I must be a country girl at heart. Walking on a dirt track, beneath blue skies and between fields of gold makes me feel at home. Like I've found my place in the world. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge: Place in the World

“Let's swim to the moon Let's climb through the tide Surrender to the waiting worlds That lap against our side.” Jim Morrison For Debbie's Six Word Saturday See also the Daily Prompt: Tide

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