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“We are stronger than all the forces that want to divide us”

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The two Koreas marched under one flag last week. They say it was the first time in more than ten years the two Korean olympic teams walked out as one. It was a significant moment after heightened tensions on the peninsula.

I have been googling the coverage of this moment on the internet and found this story on BBC Sport resonated with me the most. It’s a sensitive issue, and one that is close to my heart. I am grateful for their treatment of the event.

“We are stronger than all the forces that want to divide us,” Olympic president Thomas Bach reportedly said.

South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in took the opportunity to send a message of friendship from the people of Korea.

“The Seoul 1988 Summer Games paved the way for reconciliation between east and west – breaking down the wall of the Cold War. Thirty years after hosting the Summer Games, the Pyeongchang Olympics has commenced with a hope for peace from everyone around the world.

“It was with an ardent desire that the people of Korea aspired to host the Winter Games, the only divided nation in the world. It mirrors the Olympic spirit in its pursuit of peace.”

And for one stupid moment, I see a glimmer of hope; that maybe, one day, there can be peace in the country of my parents’ birth.

The featured image was taken in Pyeongchang some years ago. It was the first time our family were in Korea in spring.

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