The zoo with the view

Taronga Zoo. Officially opened in 1916, it boasts one of the best views in Sydney. Located in Bradley's Head, parts of the zoo have a clear panorama of the harbour that includes the CBD, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. New Years Eve celebrations at the zoo are popular, with many paying hundreds of... Continue Reading →

A Face in the Crowd

Catherine the Great, staring out from the crowd. I was at an exhibition at the NGV a few years ago. Exquisite pieces from the Hermitage showcasing Catherine's legacy were displayed. I was desperate to take a photo of this painting, but the crowd would not pass. Who knew one day they would be the feature.... Continue Reading →


It's a lemon meringue pie! The white top layer is sugared egg whites that covers a tart lemon curd base underneath. This one came with a sprinkle of dried raspberries. My son ordered it a few days ago and proceeded to demolish the sweet white topping before starting on the sour base. I would have... Continue Reading →


I sometimes wonder if the universe runs out of people to place in our lives. That somewhere along the way it just doesn't have enough characters and is forced to recast old friends or family. I often find friends or acquaintances popping up in unexpected places. Usually it is a pleasant surprise. It happened a... Continue Reading →

Tour guide

Welcome to Sydney! This image was taken one sunny September afternoon. We were just about to see a performance at the Opera House. Thousands of tourists have stood there and probably snapped a shot very similar to this one. I love this view because it means I'm home. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge: Tour... Continue Reading →

The Welcome Dinner Project

I went to an interesting lunch many years ago. It was held at a small local community centre. I took a plate of food and shared it with the people who came. It was the first time I participated and I was a little shy. Known as the Welcome Dinner Project, the lunch was run... Continue Reading →

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