Variations on a theme

I cook most nights. When I am tired my go-to meal isn't bulgogi or sausages, but pasta. I have a lovely Italian friend who has given me one or two recipe tips over the years. And I have appreciated them, and our friendship. The image was taken on our kitchen bench and edited with Hipstamatic.... Continue Reading →

The Gormanston Road Store

Last year, like countless others around the country, Tasmanian resident Kirsten Singleton took a risk and bought a small business. It was a fast food shop in the working class suburb of Moonah. But this wasn't going to be another hamburger and hot chips joint. This takeaway shop was going to serve up a future to... Continue Reading →


We spent a night beneath Mt Roland in the north west coast of Tasmania. There is a stillness and a quiet in that place I cannot find in big cities. It was drizzling rain when our family went. But that didn't bother me. I loved walking to our cabin, lighting a log fire and taking... Continue Reading →

Superheroes and their special powers

We're at the Art of the Brick exhibition. It's a while ago, during the school holidays. We're weaving through the crowds, looking at intricate lego models of heroes and villains. I turn and ask our boy, "What would you rather be? A superhero or their sidekick?" He responds, "The sidekick I think..." The sidekick is usually a... Continue Reading →


There is an old fence at my parents' place in Tasmania that has been there longer than I've lived there. It has weathered countless storms and sunshine. Overgrown with vines, it is still standing. Just. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge: Weathered

The bookshop that speaks our language

There is a bookstore in the heart of Fairfield. Yes, it sells books like all bookshops. But this little store is attempting to do so much more than turn a profit. Founded on big dreams and good will, LOST IN BOOKS sells children's books from around the world. Vietnamese. Arabic. English. There are books in almost... Continue Reading →

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