The image of Yayoi Kusama’s mix media installation was taken last year at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Tasmania.

It was part of a bold exhibition, On the Origin of Art, where guest curators were invited to put together their concept on the nature and reason for art.

Is it to attract a mate? Are we hard wired through our biology to create? These questions and more were explored.

The museum itself is one giant experiment by David Walsh. Professional gambler and businessman, he created MONA in 2011 to be a secular temple, a subversive adult Disneyland.

Some people find it a difficult place to visit. From the wall of vulvas to the giant machine that constantly makes artificial faeces, it can certainly challenge our world view. Others relish the opportunity to see new ideas, or extremely old ones, expressed through various mediums.


Via The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Experimental

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