My parents still live in the home I grew up in. It’s up on a hill and from there we can see the wide expanse of the Derwent River and the rolling hills behind it. It is a quiet, serene place. Free from the noise of city traffic and a busy neighbourhood. I feel the […]

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Welcome to Australia

It’s Wednesday morning.  About a hundred migrants and refugees have arrived at this church and are chatting to each other in the hallway. They aren’t there to attend a service, but to learn English. The church’s English as a Second Language (ESL) coordinator, RM, insists the classes do more than just teach grammar and polite […]

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It was supposed to be another early morning walk. A time to concentrate on exercising and getting my heart rate up. Then the sky transformed as the sun slowly rose. The clouds started to glow a rich intense red. It was beautiful. I had to stop and take photos, the reason for my walk temporarily […]

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Namioka, Japan

I was born in a town that no longer exists. The only thing left of it is an old train station that bears its name. Namioka was the place. A small town in Aomori prefecture, Japan. They say it was founded in 1889 during the Meiji Restoration and was elevated to a town in 1940. […]

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I spotted it on the way to church and snapped it on my phone. We were running late and I don’t think my husband and son appreciated the detour. I couldn’t help it. The bright red colour caught my eye. It was a toadstool. Amanita muscaria to be precise. It’s an iconic mushroom species noted for its […]

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The image of Yayoi Kusama’s mix media installation was taken last year at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Tasmania. It was part of a bold exhibition, On the Origin of Art, where guest curators were invited to put together their concept on the nature and reason for art. Is it to attract […]

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7 Day BW Photo Challenge, Day 5

Thank you Su Leslie, Zimmerbitch, for nominating me. I’m enjoying the challenge immensely! Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day. Hi Nelkumi, What does nelkumi think?, would you be interested in trying this challenge?

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We are waiting for his father to finish work. It’s a Friday night and we’re treating ourselves to a cheap meal out. We’re both in the car outside his workplace, but his father is taking ages to leave the building. I’m bored. He’s bored. I turn to to our son and ask him the first […]

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