Fresh Food Tuesday

Every Tuesday morning close to a hundred people line up outside this church in Liverpool, a suburb in Sydney’s south west. Far from the multimillion dollar homes and the stunning harbour views, it’s a working class suburb that is growing with new migrants and refugees. I am sure there are people living comfortably here. But... Continue Reading →


The famous and elegant Guggenheim Museum. Thousands of tourists have probably looked up at its central hall and taken a shot. It was raining the day we went. The queue to enter was long. We got soaked. But none of that mattered. The place was beautiful. There was an Agnes Martin exhibition that day. I had... Continue Reading →

That Walk in October

It happened two days ago. Thousands of people gathered across the country to walk for a better, harmonious Australia. Only a few turned up in Sydney. But that didn’t matter. I joined them again this year. Marching awkwardly within the throng of people, desperately praying that this little action will play a part of a... Continue Reading →


Taken on one of my early morning walks. The sun was slowly rising, painting the sky with soft colours. It’s my favourite time of day. We haven’t made our mark on it yet and it holds the promise of better things to come. Via The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Glow

That letter

I wish I knew my maternal grandfather better. We would spend time together when we went to Korea during my summer school breaks. Once a year at first, then less frequently as time passed. He enjoyed his Soju and his Baduk. He was elderly then and would sit in his chair most days, either napping or observing.... Continue Reading →


The Great Wall at Badaling. We went around Golden Week and experienced something incredible. Believe it or not it was a lot of fun. The image was taken on Nikon D50 and edited on my phone. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge:  Scale

The kindness of strangers 

"Speak English you f*cking Asians," he spat at us as he walked past. My mother and I were talking to each other in Korean at the time. We were waiting for the train, standing next to each other on the crowded platform when it happened. He came up nice and close. I moved to make... Continue Reading →


At the train station some time ago. Image taken on my phone and edited using Hipstamatic. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge:  Pedestrian


Agnus. Angus. Ags. Aggie. Angie. I’ve become a woman of many names. They’ve been given to me by friends and family. By young people serving at juice bars and the people I see at work. Some names I’ve cherished. Others have stuck like gum on my shoe. They say your name is important. That it... Continue Reading →

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