The morning commute. I used to catch the train and travel about an hour to work. The trip was usually uneventful. But we would get the occasional morning when the light will stream in from the train windows, transforming everything it touches. The image was taken on my phone and edited using Hipstamatic. Via the... Continue Reading →

Hakiki Turkish Ice Cream

It's early Sunday evening. We just spent the morning at church and the afternoon with friends enjoying lunch together. The child is playing hide and seek outside with our next door neighbours and the husband is taking a nap. It's just me in the living room with the computer and the internet. The sun had... Continue Reading →


A layer of lucky cats against a blue wall. They are heralding good fortune for the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park. The image was taken on my phone and edited using Hipstamatic. Via The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Layered

The Supermoon

Can you see it? It's there in the distance between the buildings. A faint white ball rising through a cloudy sky. It was taken last year, on the 14th of November. All morning the radio was full of talk about it. The Supermoon. It was going to be the largest moon in almost 70 years... Continue Reading →


His father asks him to take the rubbish down to the bins. "But I did that yesterday," our ten year old reminds his dad. "I know," he shoots back. "You did a great job. So I'm asking you to take it down again today." The boy thinks for a minute, then asks solemnly, "How do... Continue Reading →


Kimchi. You cannot claim to be Korean if you don't know what it is. It's a side dish that is in every Korean home and restaurant. Its history dates back thousands of years to the time of the Three Kingdoms. Although, they say it found its spiciness relatively recently in the 17th century. Portuguese traders... Continue Reading →


There's a lot of waiting and watching when we go fishing. From the first cast to the anticipation of that bite and tug on the line.  Sometimes we stand for hours waiting for something to happen. Other times, the reaction is almost immediate.  Usually we end up feeding bait to smart fish who seem to... Continue Reading →

I am from…*

I am from cardboard boxes and suitcases that empty and fill, from planes, trains and automobiles that take you everywhere and nowhere. I am from the two storey house in Tasmania that creaks as you take the stairs. From patchwork paintings and photo albums with a faint layer of dust around the edges. I am... Continue Reading →

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