It floated down and stayed for a short time before the wind took it across the beach. I found its delicate structure beautiful against the grains of sand. Managed to capture it before it went on its way. Via The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Structure

The Local Park

There is a park near our home. It's a normal park. Unremarkable and ordinary in every way. Some may say it's boring. But not me. It has two playing fields and cricket nets at the end. Behind the fields, there are basketball courts that can be converted to netball courts. In the far corner is... Continue Reading →


The image is of James Turrell's Within without at the National Gallery in Canberra. It was installed in 2010 and soon became popular amongst art devotees and lovers alike. The only light source within his work is from the patch of sky hemmed in by the four corners of a square opening on the roof of... Continue Reading →


It's getting late. We pause our game. "You have to read your book now. It's homework," I remind him. "Ok," he says casually. He grabs his book with one hand. The other reaches for the dice. "Nope, you cannot read your book and play monopoly at the same time." "That's ok mum," our ten year old... Continue Reading →


We were sitting on a bench overlooking the harbour, eating fish and chips.  It was a warm, sun drenched evening. He asked me to marry him. I agreed. We met during the 2000 Sydney Olympics. He had arranged a group of people to see Kieren Perkins swim on the big screen that was set up in Darling... Continue Reading →

Ooh, shiny!

Look! It's ice cream! With fairy floss and popping candy! Yay! I am a bit of a sweet tooth. I get easily distracted by gorgeous cakes and ice creams. And I love looking at colourful gelato displays as much as tasting the flavours. The image was taken on my phone and edited using Hipstamatic. via... Continue Reading →

Li Qun Roast Duck Restaurant 

My family had a four day stop over in Beijing on our way to my brother's wedding some years ago. Like typical tourists, we decided to try a roast duck restaurant for dinner. We read the reviews for Li Qun restaurant and thought it would be interesting. The restaurant was located in the heart of... Continue Reading →


I love the beach. Something about that wind in your hair and the sound of pounding surf makes you feel free. For a moment, in that sunlight, you forget about your day ahead and are at one with the elements. The photo was taken on one of my walks and edited with Hipstamatic. Via the... Continue Reading →


I hear rustling in his bedroom. Minutes later he comes out with a blanket over his head and a sheepskin hat over that. "Mum, what do I look like?" He looks ridiculous. Sweet. Wonderful.  "You look like you," I say. He seemed happy with that.

Lost and found in Sydney

I've come to love that harbour and those white sails against the blue sky. If Hobart was where I spent most of my childhood, Sydney is where I found my independence. For the first time in my life I was living away from home, earning an income and making my own decisions. It was terrifying... Continue Reading →


It was a baking hot summer day. I was out in the western suburbs for work, far away from the cooler, coastal east. You could feel the heat engulf you as soon as you stepped out of the car. Spotted this tiny patch of grass trying to survive between two hot pavements and took the... Continue Reading →

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