Mega Death (1999) Here I am at a Miyajima exhibition. The image was taken last year at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. The tiny specks of light are counters that constantly change, flickering from 1 to 9. Each counter moving through the numbers at its own pace. They illustrate the interconnectedness of the […]


My memory of Seoul is always cold. They say the city can get quite hot in summer, but I have little recollection of it. We made annual trips there during my school holidays when I was young. We left summer in Australia and swapped it for the biting Korean winter. For me, the city is […]


It’s my favourite time of the day. That time when the sun first makes its transient way across the sky. No matter how dark the hours before, or how difficult the day just past, the sunrise brings with it a fresh start. It gives you another chance to right wrongs and holds the promise that today […]


I heard something awful last night. A well respected white man being obnoxious to a woman of colour. A Canadian woman whose family originated from Taiwan who has dared to open a conversation about race with us. It seemed like he didn’t want an Asian upstart coming into his country and challenging his white privilege. […]

A friend

She was in hospital. Old and frail, they tell me A has been quite ill. I wanted to visit her, but things always seemed to get in the way. She told me a story once. I had gone to drop off a meal at her home. She sat me down and told me of someone […]

“Vanishing People”

Exquisite images by Steve McCurry. If you have some time today, check out his blog post. He captures the lives of people from cultures that are slowly disappearing. Moving from place to place, shifting to different areas as the seasons change. They say they are different to migrants who move countries and settle. Nomads, while […]